Legislation and regulations change constantly, but your access to current
references is vital to your ability to deliver. Trust TDC to keep your legal library, and all your loose-leaf references, organised and up-to-date.

For legal decisions that stand up in court!

How TDC Helps You:

Legal updates, filed and indexed for easy reference

Monthly visits ensure your legal library is fully up-to-date

Bi monthly annotations for South African Law Reports

Outdated issues are withdrawn and destroyed, leaving, relevant information

Any missing updates are identified and sourced on your behalf

No risk of unfiled documentation getting lost or misfiled

No risk of unfiled documentation getting lost or misfiled

Setting up of new libraries

New publications are ordered on requests

TDC relieves pressure on internal staff

Research is simplified

Accurate, relevant references for legislation and regulations



Filing of service issues


Amend Statutes from Noter-up every quarter


Amend Statutes by means of the Gazette slips weekly


Full Control checks on missing or damaged pages on request or when necessary


Spot checks when filing service issues

Gazette Updates:

Updating of Statutes on a weekly basis using the Government Gazettes in the loose leaf
set or the weekly bulletins from Juta and TDC.

New Libraries:


Filing the backlog of accumulated service issues


Organisation of library by arranging all textbooks under subject heading and grouping all Law Reports, journals ect together.


Grouping and filing all magazines, newsletters, newspapers and clippings in magazine boxes


Sorting and filing Government Gazettes in boxes in numerical order


Compiling an Admin file with the necessary control forms to be kept in the clients office


Sorting & Certifying invoices and accounts in liaison with the bookkeeper


Ordering any missing service issues and returning any duplicates for credit


Implementing a library system with:

  • Index Cards and envelopes in front of the textbook and the information in the register
  • Subject on the spine of the book
  • Subject areas marked on shelves
  • Books marked with the name of the firm

South African Law Reports:

Annotations according to the following timings:

♦  SA Law Reports – bi monthly

  Criminal Law Reports – bi monthly

  Industrial Law Journals to SALR’s – bi monthly

  Corrigenda’s done in SALR’S – monthly


Stock Press :

Sorting and filing of stock press weekly

Opening of new stock press files


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